mothafaker the amazon ethnic..

this is the first time i write in English on my Clause…

even thought my grammar is not crazy as Albert Eistein…hahaha..

hopefully you better advised me on that stuff…

before i went to previous examination on Measurement..
i was looked around on the amazon people(not in…more specifically this minority ethnic ….
what a very extremely surprised me…hahaha..

how come they buried the innocent kid while he was still alive ???..watdeFACK the community…
crazy undertaker fack man!!!!….

for me..i think we cannot blame them 100% for what they had done..

because they are just the group of people where live with their own culture and follow the ancient nonsense ceremony…haha..

and separate from the outside world…we are the modern community should be blame as guys know what i mean…

i’m sorry if my words hit anybody who read this…

anyway……..i’m just a normal guy who love peace!!…

here i attached the video..


~ by brobudak on 04/07/2009.

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