It is just the test..what R U afraid of LAH..

arghh….im totally not ready!! is just ur excuse Lah..bloody hell on U lah..

this evening im taking the AQS 2191 is about the pre-contract..ah??..pre-contract??..i  have nothing

ideas about the subject ..haha..i know my roommate  already study,so..he look so confident as he always is..he’s smart guy,so..

im not surprise  if he score the subject well..what i wanna say..plz don’t just give up…

hmm…i still remembered the time where i was at school either primary school or secondary school..i failed many subject

but as u can see i’m now at IIUM .haha..i’m stupid?..or i’m just  demm guy who has nothing?..poor guy .is it?..

Exam oh's just a game..


~ by brobudak on 10/15/2009.

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